Saturday, April 27, 2013

Day Like This

Do you ever feel like you’re not a good enough mother or sometimes just need a vacation? I had one of those days when from the moment you wake up nothing is going right! Which made me think of this article I read not too long ago by Renee Swope, about wanting to turn in her pink slip, which made me feel on days like this it is OK, because I know I am not the only mother who has days of struggle.

First the furnace wasn’t working and it should it is only a year old! I tried to fix it with no luck, hubby is gone on work train, so don’t have his mechanical skills. But I am thankful it is not a cold day, just a chilly damp rainy day.

Because of the rain, our internet doesn’t work very well, so wasn’t able to get some work done or put together a birthday gift. Today would be the perfect day to get these done. Guess that wasn’t supposed to be the plan today.

The dog ran off out of his boundaries, which was a first but of course on a day when hubby is gone and the neighborhood bully dog was out, so that worried me. So thankful for my neighbors help! 

My house is driving me a bit nuts because of the floor remodel. I am a bit OCD with how I like things. But I need to remember how blessed I am to have this house. 

My boy challenges me, really it's not him, because he is a sweet little guy. It is me not understanding why boys do the things they do, but I am starting to understand his boyism’s. The book Wild Things, The Art of Nurturing Boys has been so eye opening and explains so much. More on that later, I have just started reading this book. I would definitely recommend this to moms of boys and I only have 1. I am also reading Bringing Up Girls, which has some helpful information. That would be another parenting book I would recommend.

I feel in stand still with my God-sized dreams that are on my heart, so been praying and waiting and waiting!! Oh the wait is hard, but I have to trust in the process and God’s timing.

One of my close friends was given news of a life-changing medical condition a couple days ago. Which just breaks my heart for her and I want to scream NOT FAIR!!! 

Playing with the kids was fun and did bake some muffins that are yummy! I got some cleaning done too, not the regular stuff, but the nitty-gritty stuff. So now my bathrooms, kitchen, microwave, and toaster sparkle!! When I feel stressed or dealing with anxiety, it helps me to do something and cleaning is great task to complete, reduce stress and house is cleaner! Something about things being clean is so cleansing for me and can put me back in the right perspective! Funny how God works sometimes! 

Now I am going to look up some Bible verses to study, which will be a great way to end the day and count more blessings!!  Psalm 103 seems like a great place to start! Praying for some sunshine! Something about the sun!

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