Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy Birthday Aidan!!!

Our little man turns two today! Can't believe it, seems just like yesterday we moved to Kentucky and he was just a baby. Now he is a full blown toddler!! This boy, loves things all boy. He loves tractors, John Deere specifically, spiderman, golf, playing with his trucks going vroom vroom, running and climbing, can't get enough of being outside, he is all go, go go!! He adores his sister and they love playing together and he just melts his mama and daddy's hearts!! Though at times he is giving me a heart-attack with his full blown adventurous attitude which will serve him well someday. He is loved by many, everyone always complimenting how sweet he is. He doesn't talk a whole lot, because his sister is always talking, but he loves to say no, tractor, spiderman, Bear, puppy, excuse me, cookie, and thank you, along with a few other words here and there. This year we are celebrating two by taking him to the zoo and having family-fun day!! We love you little man, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Aidan a few days old.


Aidan 1 year old.

Recent picture of Aidan. 

Here is a picture of his daddy when he was about two, see the resemblance?!
                                               Ryan                                              Aidan

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