Friday, April 19, 2013

I am a book addict...

OK so is that really all that bad? In the picture you can see some of the books I am reading or have read, and these are mostly all in the last couple years, yikes!! I have a few more in my bedroom and I also have a kindle full of eBooks too! I have received some of these books free from other blogs and because of my love of reading books I recently started doing reviews for a couple different companies. The perk of reviewing for companies, is I read some books I may not normally read and there free, so I am not out any money. Maybe just some time, but I do get to choose what books I want to review from these companies based on my interest, which basically is nonfiction christian books. So far I have enjoyed the books I have had the option to review. You maybe thinking when does she have time to read books with two little kiddos? Well with my hubby's work schedule, I often get a lot of me time after the kids are in bed and that is when I chose to spend some time reading and it is relaxing to me.

Another great plus is when I review a book for a company, they will often give me the opportunity to give one free book/DVD away. So watch my blog for opportunities to get a free book/DVD. Right now this is the book I have to give-away, so be sure to check it out.

So what relaxes you? What are some of your favorite books? It would be hard for me to choose favorites, because I have enjoyed all the books I have read for one reason or another. But I have to say recent favorites, would be 1000 Gifts, Unglued, No More Perfect Moms, and Interrupted. Now my ultimate favorite and book I always go to is the Bible. It is the book I study, find verses to pray with, help me with struggles, direct/guide me and do my best to live up to God's Word for me.

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