Monday, April 15, 2013

My family and a week of doctor visits!

My family is the most important thing I have on this earth, which I am sure about everyone I know would say about their families too! God had definitely blessed me with so much and I am so thankful for all He has given me!

 Cuties they are!

Me and my fav little man! 

Earlier in the week, enjoying spring weather!!

Last week was full of doc appointments for our family, plus we had one additional one that was unexpected. So thankful for the good doctors we have and health insurance, thanks to my hubby's job! Aidan was the first, he had his two year checkup on Monday, yes I am still in shock that my little man is two!! He is doing great, healthy and growing!! At two he weighs 24lbs 14oz. and is 33" tall. Tuesday I then had the consult appointment at the oral surgeon's office, that I was a bit nervous about, but was thankful when the doc said everything is normal!! Then Thursday I had my first mammogram, guess that is what happens when you turn 39!
Then an unexpected accident happen Thursday night. Abigail landed wrong from flipping over a ball at gymnastics. Daddy had taken her that night, so I missed out on being there. It was obvious she did something to her shoulder and the way she was acting, so we decided she needed to have it looked at right away, so hubby took her to the ER and me and little man waited patiently at home (ok I was not so patient, but Aidan kept me busy and I prayed). She was so scared about going, but once she got there, I heard she did well and she was blessed with a bear and many stickers from the staff. The results, she broker her collar bone. Just like her dad did when he was little, I sure hope we are not going to follow in his foot-steps with the many bone breaks he had when he was little, oh my! I also thought Aidan would be the one to break a bone, with they way he is so active and no fear. For those that haven't experienced a collar bone break, it has to heal on it's own, they do nothing, you get a sling to wear if you want, but it does nothing to help heal, just more to let others know you have an injury and to be cautious. But you know kids they are resilient and she woke up the next day ready to play, was in a little pain but she didn't let that stop her. She still wanted to go to school. I tell ya she is tough like her mama!! ;) Anyhow she should be all healed up in about 4-6 weeks. I want to thank all the people that are praying for her, when I told her she thought it was nice and was thankful. We have been teaching her to pray for others, so she is seeing how prayer works. God's glory always shine through in everything!
My precious daughter, always beautiful, even in a sling! 

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