Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Who loves to be organized? Review and a Freebie

So many of you will love this book!! I received the wonderful opportunity to review a free copy of Getting It Together by Kayse Pratt.

I love, love this book!! First of all it is a quick read but to the point, so you can quickly start working on putting your Home Management Notebook together!! Why would having a Home Management Notebook change your life? Here is the perfect reason from the author and I couldn't agree with her more: "No, being organized won’t accomplish world peace. It won’t make you love cleaning, and it won’t counteract the tornado-toddler issue. But it will most deļ¬nitely bring a little more peace to your home." Now who doesn't want a little more peace and I would add simplicity!! Plus helps everyone else that is in your home from hubby to the babysitter. Everything, is organized all in one place!

Not only is it a quick and easy to understand read, I was also able to put together my Home Management Notebook in less then 15 minutes!! So that means it is not complicated, which is great, because I don't do complicated!

This book includes a complete step-by-step instructions of how to create your own with over 30 FREE printables!! Plus there so cute!! Here are some of the printables you will find.
  • calendars
  • finances
  • menu plans
  • cleaning lists
  • babysitter info/tips
  • emergency info
  • exercise log
  • food journal
  • inventory lists for books/DVDs
  • planning lists
  • family records
Here are some pictures of our Home Management Notebook that I used in my notebook, I have the important pages completed, can't wait to use the others, such as meal planning, blogging, budgeting, inspiration!!
 I put mine in a purple manual, because I like purple and added a verse to mine.

I used colored tabs, to help separate.

A few of the different printables you can put in your own home management notebook.

I LOVE how encouraging she is!! This will help keep our homes functional and organized, what a blessing!! 



  1. I liked Kayse Pratt on FB. I do not have a Twitter account.

  2. I think this book would help me with a cleaning schedule and the schedules of my family which includes 3 kids.

  3. Tracy please contact me with your email so we can send you a free ebook!!


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