Monday, May 20, 2013

AWANA Program

Last night was our AWANA awards night program. Can I tell you just how amazed I am of all the kiddos attending and participating in this wonderful program!! Abigail is on her 2nd year of attending AWANA and this year I volunteered to help in the Sparks group which are the 1st graders. I was just blessed by these kids with there willingness to learn and we also had fun!

The kids received awards for participation, points, and attendance. All the kids worked hard, it was great seeing them get their recognition! I was just so blessed to hear how well Abigail did. She was one of the top three point earners of the whole group. She was super excited getting her medal!!

Yesterday was just one of the best days, seeing her praising and singing to the Lord this morning at church and at the AWANA program. She has a heart of gold and loves Jesus!! I feel like one of the luckiest mama's and so grateful for God for giving her to us! I know her daddy is proud too, he missed out on being able to attend the program due to work.

For more information about AWANA and participating check out
I highly recommend this program! These kids learn about God's Word, following Jesus, memorize scripture, and grow there faith.

Abigail performing with her group, Cubbies!


Abigail receiving her participation certificate with the Cubbies!

Abigail receiving her medal for one of the top three who earned
the most points in the program this year!

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  1. Way To Go Abigail!! You make Grandpa and Grandma so proud of you! XOXO


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