Friday, June 21, 2013

Stepping out of my comfort zone...

I am an introvert, I like comfort and don't take change easily, and I am sure that is one of the reasons God put me and Ryan together. Being with Ryan has definitely taken me out of my comfort zone with all the many moves we have had to make because of his career, and I wouldn't change it. It has been a great learning experience and adventure. So much now that I feel a little restless, feel like we are suppose to move again, longest we have probably been in one place at a time. My roots are growing deep here and it is starting to feel like home, so much that when we go to MN (our real home), I am not calling it going to home now, instead I have been saying we are going on vacation.

Lately I have challenged myself to really pay attention to the needs of others around me. Twice this week God has put people in front of me and I actually approached them, scary for me, but it was the right thing to do, what God wanted me to do. This week I have relied on God answering a couple prayers for me and He did. Now sometimes He may not always answer quickly, but I am really starting to see Him work in my life. I know He has always been there and I have always believed, but I haven't always been great about including Him in my everyday life, just usually the big things. But you know I am learning, He wants to be included in everything! Thank you God for always answering my prayers!

This summer has been busy with lots of outside activity and fun with my two little kiddos. Yes these cute silly kids! (pjs and boots)
So I am not getting in as much reading, but a few recent blog articles have spoke to me.  "Nobody asks the couch potato about their tales of adventure. No one asks the coward what it was like to let fear win." Now I am not a couch potato, but it did speak to how I should be more brave!
I encourage you to read Ann Voskamp's blog, there was so much that spoke to me. I also read Interrupted by Jen Hatmaker earlier this year and I remember reading in the book about America being the richest and if you make $35000 annually you are in the top 4% and if you make $50000 you are top 1%, so yes we are rich! We are also discussing this book in our Wednesday class at church, and I am excited to see God at work through this book. He has already been working on me since I read it. I have been internalizing, praying, and planning. Now I have not been called to go do mission work in another country, not every one is. But I feel called to reach out to those mom's in the community I live in. I have been doing some of that over the past couple years through MOPS and Bible study. God has really been speaking to me about this for some time and reaching out more, so I am going to move forward with what I feel He has called me to do. So if you are a mama in the community I live in and feel called to reach out with me, I love to chat with you.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

He is my Boaz...HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!!

My hubby is my hero in many ways! Not only is he my wonderful husband, he is also an excellent father! I pray and thank God for him often! 

We LOVE You!!! 

The kiddos and I hope you enjoy your card made with extra special treats just for you!!!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Summer is here....

Wow we are in the midst of June, it has been a fun summer so far!! Abigail's last day of school was a few weeks ago, then my parents came for a visit, and this last week Abigail attended Vacation Bible School (VBS). Plus we have been taking advantage of the beautiful weather outside! However, sure can tire a person out with all that fresh air and sunshine! Soon we will be getting ready to visit our home-state! As far as summer plans that is about it for us. We will go to one more VBS in July at our church and then before you know it school will start again! I can't believe both my babies will be going to school. Abigail will be attending preK three days a week and Aidan will join her at the same school in the two year old program two mornings a week. Until then, we are taking advantage of the summer months, playing in the dirt, getting wet at the sprinkler park or pool, playtime at parks and with friends, fishing, garage sales, ice cream and lots of it, family walks, golf, and whatever else summer throws at us!
Abigail had her first camping experience the other night, in the back yard with daddy!! They caught lighting bugs, had a camp fire with smores, and slept in the tent. She loved it!! Aidan, Bear and I slept inside in the comforts of our own beds. I have not had the best tenting experiences and my allergies are driving me nuts! But so thankful I have a hubby who loves camping and spending time with the kiddos!! What are you doing this summer? Whatever it is, I hope you taking the time to enjoy summer, count your blessings and relax!! 

 Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.~James 1:17

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Making a difference and doing the next right thing...

That is my motto by which I am trying to live by "make a difference and doing the next right thing"!!  As I was praying, it came to me or God spoke to me, you are making a difference, to which I applied, what was that, I am?? Sometimes I feel like I am not because I am not out there doing more. I took a moment to think about it and yes I am! I am a mom to two children that need me to love, guide and train them. I also am a wife and have a house to manage. I make a difference every day in how I treat those around me. Eventually these little one's are going to go out in the world and it is my hope and prayer that they will too will make a difference and glorify God in what God has called them to do! It doesn't matter how big or small of a difference we make, every little thing we do effects or changes something. Another thing I am learning, when I am planning or there is something that is coming up I tend to focus on every detail and what I need to do instead of just doing the next right thing, not get wrapped up in all the to do's and end results.

I have read a lot of articles on parenting lately, guess that is the season I am in? I thought I pass these  along in case you missed them and I think they are good!  If a pastor feels like this then you know you are not far from being normal then right? Though I don't strive to be normal. When you read this how many of the things have you done that he writes about, I had to laugh and say me too! All about superhero's!! Love it!! "Even superheroes start out small" Parenthood is not what I imagined it to be, instead it is better then I could have imagined!! See how many of these 20 things you relate to. Yeah there are some moments I may want to throw in the towel, but even when I look back at those times those are great moments of learning and God teaching me! My children are truly the greatest blessing God has given me and I have my awesome loving husband to also thank for that!!