Saturday, June 1, 2013

Making a difference and doing the next right thing...

That is my motto by which I am trying to live by "make a difference and doing the next right thing"!!  As I was praying, it came to me or God spoke to me, you are making a difference, to which I applied, what was that, I am?? Sometimes I feel like I am not because I am not out there doing more. I took a moment to think about it and yes I am! I am a mom to two children that need me to love, guide and train them. I also am a wife and have a house to manage. I make a difference every day in how I treat those around me. Eventually these little one's are going to go out in the world and it is my hope and prayer that they will too will make a difference and glorify God in what God has called them to do! It doesn't matter how big or small of a difference we make, every little thing we do effects or changes something. Another thing I am learning, when I am planning or there is something that is coming up I tend to focus on every detail and what I need to do instead of just doing the next right thing, not get wrapped up in all the to do's and end results.

I have read a lot of articles on parenting lately, guess that is the season I am in? I thought I pass these  along in case you missed them and I think they are good!  If a pastor feels like this then you know you are not far from being normal then right? Though I don't strive to be normal. When you read this how many of the things have you done that he writes about, I had to laugh and say me too! All about superhero's!! Love it!! "Even superheroes start out small" Parenthood is not what I imagined it to be, instead it is better then I could have imagined!! See how many of these 20 things you relate to. Yeah there are some moments I may want to throw in the towel, but even when I look back at those times those are great moments of learning and God teaching me! My children are truly the greatest blessing God has given me and I have my awesome loving husband to also thank for that!!

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