Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Minnesota Visit

We spent a week in Minnesota visiting family. It was a busy week being here and there, trying to fit in seeing and spending quality time with all our family. Did we accomplish that? Yes and no, we didn't get to see everyone but we did have some great family time with those we were able to visit. While we were there we played at Sibley Park and Clear Lake Park, helped my brother move and meet the new addition to the family (she is a cutie and I miss her), did a little golfing, Abigail did a little swimming, enjoyed lots of yummy foods from some of the local restaurants and family cooking, we had a couple big family get togethers, seen family we haven't seen in a few years (and we need to make sure it won't be that long again), the hubby and I enjoyed some nice long walks around the lake and Bear too! The kids really enjoyed playing with their cousins, too bad we all don't live closer so we could do that more often, we are all in different states(Arizona, Texas, Minnesota and us in Kentucky). We are now home and enjoying the last day of hubby's vacation, and doing some local fun things: go-cart racing, local animal farm, and enjoying some icee's! Oh and lighting our own fireworks, which you can't do in Minnesota.

Here are a few snapshots of our visit:
Feeding the ponies at Sibley Park

Abigail and Grandma Joanne

Grandpa Dick with Abigail and Aidan on tractor at Sibley park.

Abigail with Grandpa Russ and Great Grandpa

Abigail with Great Aunt Laura

Abigail with Grandma Mary

Abigail and Aidan with Great Uncle John

Cousin Alissa with Abigail

Abigail with Uncle Jason (aka my bro) and newest addition baby Addison

Aidan with Grandpa David riding John Deere. 
Aidan loves John Deere he pointed out everyone on the trip up and back.

Aidan with daddy and Aunt Rachel

Great Aunt Irene trying to get pics of Aidan

Aidan driving his cousins in Great Uncle Michael's car.
We were told the kids could use it if they go to prom in St. Peter. :)

Cutest group of cousins, missing Aidan he had to play instead. :)

I was blessed to watch this sweet girl, while my brother and his finance moved to their new house.

Bear excited to get back to Home Sweet Home! 

The kids traveled much better this year, we had the DVD player, kindle for games and books, and snacks for the 11 hour trip. Bear did really well, which surprised me, but we did learn he doesn't like to be left alone without being in his kennel, so he did chew up a few things at my parents house, opps sorry about that. 
We all had a great time in Minnesota, the weather was nice, and the kids had lots of fun!! We sure wish we could live closer, but I don't think you could get this converted southern girl back to live up north. So for now we enjoy our visits to Minnesota and family visiting our Home Sweet Home in Kentucky. We love and miss each and everyone of our family!! Hope to see y'all soon xoxo

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