Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Life of a Dog...

Have you met Bear yet? He is a big teddy bear, but also a good protector! We got Bear when he was about 6 weeks old at the beginning of December last year. He has been a great family dog, the kiddos love him! He was also easy to train, though he has selective hearing when it comes to me, but with my hubby he always obeys him. We were told when we adopted him that was he was a weimaraner and lab mix. We knew his mama was full blooded weim and the rescue thought his papa was a lab, because that is what they looked like when they were puppies. We recently found out from one of the other adopters, as they got a DNA test done. Who knew you could DNA test dogs. Well anyhow he is a weimarner schnauzer mix, so I guess you could call him a weimnauzer!

Recently Bear went on his first family trip with us to Minnesota and we found out he is a great traveler. We also found out he has a bit of separation anxiety, which is typical with weims.

About 6 weeks old.

Smelling the roses and then he ate one, 
yes he eats strange things, which then gives him bad gas!

Lap dog, or so he thinks!

Playing with the kids.

This is what happens when you leave him alone in a strange place (at my parents).

Loves to travel!


  1. What a sweet face! Oh wait, it's the same face as his brother, Pevely! It's been great to "meet" you and Bear. Nice to know there are other dogs out there in the world that look like mine!


  2. Me too, been wonderful sharing and hearing from the other adopters!!


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