Monday, August 12, 2013

First Day of Preschool

It was little man's first day of preschool today! Still can't believe it, seems like yesterday I was hold him in my arms. Now he is going to school learning and making new friends! I thought dropping him off would be hard, as he wasn't very cooperative this morning getting out the door. I thought there be tears, I remember big sister's first day and how we all had tears. Nope not Aidan, he simply smiled and waved goodbye when he left with his teacher. It appears he had a great first day too, love the little report they give!
Aidan not sure he's ready for preschool.

All smiles and ready now! 

Looking cool for school! 
(This is the picture I wanted to take before school but didn't get it till after school.)

Aidan's first report, hopefully they will continue like this :)

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