Wednesday, August 14, 2013

PreK and Morning Quiet

Today was Abigail's first day of PreK, this mama is kind of sad, as it will be her last year attending KidsFirst then is on to big school, which I am not looking forward to for so many reasons. We have been blessed with KidsFirst we love the school and all the teachers! Abigail was so excited to go and see some of her friends from last year and meet new one's. This year her brother attends with her two of the three days, so they get to go to school together and mama gets to have two mornings to herself. Though let me tell you I didn't rest, but I did enjoy the quiet, because all day long there are noises here and there and everywhere.  I took a shower and cleaned the kitchen without being interrupted, having to break up an argument about sharing, or having to listen to toys. Yet it did almost feel eerie in a way! I see that I will be able to get so much done in a shorter amount of time without interruptions, but at times I do enjoy those interruptions. I did my workout this morning too and there are mornings when Abigail joins me, so I did miss that as she is the cutest workout partner!

Today was also Aidan's second day of preschool, he really loved the first day and was so excited to put his backpack on this morning! 

Here is a first day of PreK picture of Abigail and also one with her brother. Both so excited!!

When I picked them up they both still had smiles on their faces and had a great day! Knowing my children had a great day, makes this mama's heart smile!

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