Monday, September 9, 2013

Little Artist

I may be a little biased, but I think my daughter got her daddy, aunt Rachel, and great grandma's artist gene. Yes we have some talented artists in our family, and I have cousin too that is talented and teaches art! I actually have a couple pieces of jewelry I wear from my cousin! Her great grandma's artwork has been on display in various places and we have one of her beautiful pictures hanging in our house. Same with Ryan's sister we have one of hers in the kids room and I have tried to hang Ryan's but he won't let me. I know for certain it didn't come from me, if you have ever seen my coloring compared to Abigail's then you will agree!
This picture is something she decided to do on her own and then came and showed us. I was amazed that she thought of making a picture from a page in a book. I think it is awesome coming from a girl that just turned 5! I know I couldn't make something that good!

At home she spends most her time coloring and drawing, so she also has a passion for it! I need to look into some art classes for her!

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