Sunday, October 13, 2013

Fall Break Staycation!

We just finished a wonderful beautiful fall break week!! The hubby had off all week and we decided to do a staycation. We all loved it!!  Plus mama didn't have to deal with the stress of packing and planning for a trip.

Our first day I had a yoga class to teach, so we spent sometime at home on Monday doing some stuff around the house, which included making Mr. Scarecrow.

Tuesday, the hubby took us on a road trip to go visit and see where he works! It was a first for all of us! The kids loved seeing where their daddy works and now they have a visual when he says he is going to work, which he already did first thing this morning.

Wednesday, I again taught a class in the morning and then the kiddos and I did some stuff at home and the hubby enjoyed a golf outing with a friend to Tennessee.

Thursday was camping night for Abigail and daddy! They set up camp in the backyard. We also adopted a kitty named Peter from the Human Society. He has settled in and him and Bear our slowly becoming buds. Abigail just loves Peter, even spent some of her allowance buying him toys. Our other cat went on his last journey, Tigger was the best mouse catcher, may he rest and be free!

Meet Peter!

Friday Aidan and daddy went golfing, while Abigail and mommy went shopping. Then we all went to Hazel later to check out some antiques. We were going to have our weekly movie night, but opted for game night, Horse-Opoly!

Saturday we enjoyed a beautiful day outside at Wurth's Farm Pumpkin Patch and then we went to Grand Rivers for the Harvest Moon Fest and parade. The kids made out like bandits with tons of candy!

Little man had the best seat during the parade! 

Yes, that is Santa he made his grand entrance at the parade!

Last night we finished our staycation painting pumpkins! Abigail is the artist!

We are already planning our next staycation. Hopefully by that time the national parks will be reopened so we can enjoy some hiking and exploring, as it was on our list to do this time. But we didn't let that stop us from having a great week!!

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