Wednesday, October 2, 2013

It's a sad day...the crib is gone...

Yesterday I picked up a bed for Aidan, since he is starting to out grow his crib. Though part of me didn't want that to happen, because that means no more babies and that my kids are growing up.

We got the bed for a good deal and I bought the JD comforter a few weeks ago on resale page. I love me some deals! The headboard was white, so last night Ryan painted the headboard in camouflage to match his room. Aidan is all into John Deere and loves green! I definitely think my hubby has a career in painting camo, I was so impressed!

Aidan was so excited about his big boy bed, he had fun helping dad put it together and once it was all made he jumped up onto the bed to try it out. So now it is nap time and I guess this will be the first test to see how he sleeps and tonight will be the second test. Hoping we all get a good night sleep and that I don't find little man playing in his room or running up and down the halls in the middle of the night.

Ready for his nap!

Aidan and Abigail both excited about the bed! 

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