Wednesday, December 25, 2013


December is a a busy month at our front door as presents and yummy treats arrive from our family through out the month via the mailing system. Christmas Eve we opened all our presents that arrived. I took a ton of pictures for our family, but here are just a few to share to all.

Abigail opening her presents.

Aidan opening his presents and Bear patiently waiting to see what is for him.

The hubby opening his presents and posing! 

 Yes that is me opening presents, while Abigail pops bubble-wrap!

This was the after effect, mama had some cleaning to do.
Christmas eve night we took a drive to see Christmas lights one last time before people put them away and the hubby and kids prepared a plate of cookies and milk for santa. 
This morning, I waited patienly for the kids to wake, which is not normal, Aidan is my alarm clock but this morning he slept in, must been all the excitement from Christmas Eve or maybe it was his Christmas gift to me!
 To keep it simple, we get our kiddo's three things from santa, one thing they need, one thing to play with, one thing educational, plus stocking full of goodies. 

Abigail surprised!

Aidan digging in his stocking!

Of course we can't forget Peter and Bear! 

 I might regret this present later, but the whole family is having fun! The hubby even took it away from the kids to play and Abigail had to ask for it back!

We are blessed beyond measure! Thank you God for the best present of all!!
We must not forget what this day is really all about, when I asked the kids this morning, they both answered Jesus. I think it is so sweet how Aidan says baby Jesus! Well time to cook our big Christmas meal and enjoy some more play-time! Later today we will have our Happy Birthday Jesus cheesecake!


  1. Do you plan to start piano lessons?

  2. I love for Abigail to learn to play something musical!


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