Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas Break

What do you do during Christmas break? First I love not having school, we don't have to get dressed and rush out the door in the morning and this mama stayed in her pj's all day today! My children love playing together, though they have their moments.

Well we had our movie night. Every Friday night is movie night with Abigail, this Friday we watched Mary Poppins! Now if that doesn't bring back some memories....just a spoonfull of sugar...

We have been playing with new toys~cars, games, coloring, and the piano keyboard. Abigail is getting good at Connect 4! Watch out grandparents when you visit, she might challenge you to a game, remember how competitive she is with Candyland!

Also we play dress up, Abigail is always playing dress up and putting on some theatrical performance. Today Aidan decided to join in on dress up fun and got out his spiderman cape.

In a couple days the hubby and I will celebrate our 9 year wedding anniversary, can't wait for date day!!

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