Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Christmas programs and fun!!

It has been a busy blessed week celebrating the Christmas season.

Saturday Abigail and I had a birthday tea party to go, it was a blast! On Sunday our Sunday school celebrated Christmas together with food and a fun Christmas present swap. I love my church family!! Makes living away from family a little easier this time of year.  Then later that night, was the children's church musical program and Out of The Box Christmas, it had a great message and some fun humor by some of our little's and Abigail is included in that entertainment. She also got to play a princess, so perfect for her, as she is always dressing up as one at home. It was a blessing to watch!! Then Monday the kids had their preschool Christmas party and program. I always love going in and watching the kids interact with there friends and teachers. They had a lot of fun and the hubby and I enjoyed watching them! This was Aidan's first year performing, I think the preschool teachers may have been a little wore by the end of it, but it was wonderful and had some great laughs. A few of the children wanted to try out the piano for themselves and little man wanted to ride the cow! Yeehaw, I say!! In parenting I have learned you must have humor and I know God has one too! I know many were blessed by the music, message, and prayer. All the praise and glory goes to God!

I am still uploading video's and will email those out to our family, there are 6 of them, we are proud of our kiddos!! I will also post one or two of them at a later time. However I do have some cute snapshots to share with you.
Birthday party fashion show!

I tried to get a good picture of the two of them together before Abigail's performance, but little man didn't want to partake. 

Church preschoolers performing!

Church musical program!

Again I tried to get a picture of the two of them all dressed for Christmas program, but failed again. 

Preschool party

Preschool performance

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