Thursday, December 12, 2013

Christmas Time

We have been enjoying the Christmas season this year! Though this year has been a little colder then I like, may need to consider moving farther south. The kids really enjoyed helping decorate our house and tree. One of our favorite things to do is go look at Christmas lights and decorations. Abigail is helpful in reminding me to do our Jesse Tree ornament, which I sometimes don't always remember but thankfully she does, she is great at keeping us on track. Saturday we will start our 12 days of Christmas countdown! We put together Operational Shoebox's a few weeks ago, Aidan's first year and this is Abigail's third year. I am excited as this year we are tracking where the Shoebox's will end up, Abigail colored a nice picture this year that we placed in the box to the girl that will receive her box. Last week we had a wonderful time with our mom groups friends celebrating with a Happy Birthday Jesus party! This week we are in full force getting ready to go to Christmas parties, church and school programs, and our mom's cookie exchange. So yes there will be lots of pictures taken and video's taken to share. Earlier this week we were blessed to spend a few days with my parents and celebrate an early Christmas with family! Thankful they made the trip down! The kids got a little spoiled, even our furry babies did too.

Abigail received some cute clothes and fun crafts to make, plus Lalaloopsy dolls.I don't understand the dolls, but she likes them. I remember growing up and liking Cabbage Patch dolls and Barbies. Which just brought back memories of things I wanted when I was a kid. How about banana clips, and the plastic bracelets and charms? At least My Little Ponies and Strawberry Shortcake dolls are things she like and I also had, though they were a lot different back in my day!
Today Abigail and I tackled making headbands and the horse pillow! They turned out pretty good considering my non-crafty mom skills, thankfully Abigail is an artist! We also had some fun with glow in the dark art!

 Aidan was all about John Deere, the second he saw what he was opening that is all he kept saying over and over. I am not sure where his obsession comes from, none of us are farmers, but maybe we will have our first farmer in the family! He also loves tools, so he got right to work using them.

My parents opening there presents. 
Both Bear and Tigger got new beds. Both of them have taken advantage of sleeping on them!


  1. What's the Jesse thing and the box thing

  2. We are doing a Jesse Tree too. My crew looks forward to the tree every year. And yes, it is way too cold for me too!

  3. The Jesse Tree is a wonderful way to keep the meaning of Christ at Christmas. There is an ornament along with a devotion and Bible reading that goes with each ornament that tells the story of God's plan. You can google it and will get all kinds of information.
    Operation Shoebox is a wonderful way to give back, you can go to their web-site for more information:

    Audria, I say we move south :) and thanks for introducing me to the Jesse Tree, this is our 2nd year and we love it!

  4. We're considering middle Tennessee...2014 may be a big year for us...

  5. We may too, we talk about it from time to time!


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