Monday, February 3, 2014

2014 Snow Day

We had our first real snow fall last night! The kids woke up so excited and couldn't wait to get out and play in it! Lucky for me hubby is home to do that with them. I do not like cold, I lived it for 30 years in Minnesota and don't ever wish to move back. This is as far north as I like to move, actually I like to move a little more south, but not as south as Texas, that was just a little too hot and dry for me. We live in a happy medium of a place, that has all seasons with winter being the shortest!!

Here are some snapshots of the kids fun in the snow and yes I do believe my hubby and Bear had just as much fun sledding down the hill. I made hot chocolate for them when they came back in.

Abigail getting ready to go down the hill!

Aidan riding his motorcycle and Bear helping the hubby down the hill!

 Abigail in her cute pink snowsuit, showing the snow angel she made!

Aidan pretending his John Deere lawn mower is a snow blower. Stopping to watch the snow plow!

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