Monday, February 3, 2014

Worth the Fight

I had the wonderful blessed opportunity to review one of Kayse Pratt's ebooks again. Though we have not met in the live, I enjoy reading her blog and have made a connection with her via Facebook, that is one of the pluses of Facebook, making friends with people you don't live close to.

She recently wrote a book titled: Worth the Fight~Lessons learned in a high maintenance marriage. Here is what I loved about the ebook:

First of all, love the title, worth the fight, well because we have had some difficulties in our marriage and I can testify it definitely is worth working out problems, when you work them out, your marriage deepens. Also she has in the title high maintenance, yes marriage is maintenance, just like anything in life is, it requires maintenance to keep your car running good, care to keep your body healthy, etc...

The author shares from her and her husband marriage the areas they discovered that are essential for keeping marriage in a healthy place. Commitment, Communication, Service, Laughter, and Sex. Here are a few of my favorite things she writes.

"Commitment is the foundation of a solid marriage. God's standard anchors us, so that our marriages can weather any storm that comes our way." 
I couldn't agree more! If we were all honest we have or are going through storms in our marriages.

"Communication, it's not just talking a lot. It's both talking clearly and listening well. It's about grace and forgiveness and swallowing your need to be right."
"It matters, the way we talk about our husbands."

Service "We are called to love unconditionally and that means serving without reservation." 
We should always look to the Lord to fill our cups, He is truly the only one that can meet our every need. When we do that we are full and free to love and serve others.

Laughter "Some days, laughter is our saving grace."

Sex "God created sex to be a unifying experience between two people who have committed to serving each other for their entire lives."

At the end of each section, the author provides a challenge you can use in your own marriage. There is also a section titled Weapons for the Battle. Which are scriptures to combat any battles in your marriage. Along with some free Bible verse printables and a list of resources.

This was a great little ebook, which can be read in one afternoon, however you will want to take the time to read and apply the marriage challenges from each section. I would also suggest memorizing the Bible verses she provided.

Now are you ready to buy it? To buy the ebook go to Kayse web-site Did I mention it is only $3.99!! Today only (Monday Feb 3) use code "worththefight20" to receive 20% off!!!

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  1. Great minds think alike - I shared a favorite quote from each section too. :)


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