Saturday, March 29, 2014

Weekly dose of encouragement...

Been a wonderful week of time with family and celebrating birthdays! But time to start getting back to a somewhat normal schedule, though normal can be overrated!

Had a wonderful time celebrating my birthday with my hubby in Nashville for 3 days without our kiddos, but they had just as great of a time spending it with their grandparents!!

Ryan told me 6 months ago he wanted to surprise me for my birthday by taking me to Nashville for a hockey game, he knows the way to my heart. However, me being the planner of the family, he told me what he wanted to do for my birthday so I could plan it. I love his heart and so thankful he came up with the idea!! So thank you again, it is the best birthday present!!

As I think back on my 40 years, yes I am 40 and love it!! I am so grateful for all the wonderful little and big things (my husband, children, family and friends that God has given me), and even the hard times, because it has grown made me the person that I am today! It is my journey and I would not change a thing! Thank you God for blessing with me with more then I deserve and for always being there and not giving up on me!

My parents and the kids planned a little surprise birthday dinner and cake for me when we got back.
Here are the beautiful flowers my kiddos gave me and a beautiful gift from one of my very dear and closest friend from Texas.

Thank you to all my family and friends who took a moment to send me a Happy Birthday greeting, gift or their presence!  I love you all and am so very very blessed!!! I thank God for placing you each in my life!

This last week I read a few inspiring blogs:

So true..."That’s the thing about gifts, we don’t really get to choose them. They choose us. And sometimes we wrestle with the choosing." - See more at:

This is a sweet friend, who inspires me in so many ways, a great sister in Christ and I so resonated with what she shared..."Stepping out on a limb–arms held out to my side trying to stay balanced–my heart racing with determination. I am going to trust." - See more at:

Being that my hubby is a train engineer, this got my attention and yes so true..."The right perspective can change everything." - See more at:

I have been called weird or different for all my life, and yes I often do feel weird, but I love it, again being normal is overrated!! So this is a book I may have to read as the title explains me perfectly~Why your weirdness is wonderful~

This week God has been speaking to me about belief and trust. There has been times in my life where I have doubts, but yet always still that little bit inside of me that has that little bit of faith, and you know it is all you need, God will do the rest!  
All you need is a tiny bit of faith. Your faith will grow as that tiny seed grows and your life will be changed by faith!
Matthew 17:20 Jesus said to them, “Because of your little faith. For truly, I say to you, if you have faith like a grain of mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move, and nothing will be impossible for you.”

That’s the thing about gifts, we don’t really get to choose them. They choose us. And sometimes we wrestle with the choosing. - See more at:

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