Monday, April 7, 2014

A good and bad day!

Monday, started out pouring rain, so we opted to start potty training with little man, as it was on the agenda for the week being spring break here. I am glad we did, as it kept me distracted from what happened around noon today.

We lost our furry best family member, Bear. He was sadly hit by a car and didn't make it. Thankful my hubby was home and we have kind neighbors. We are all in tears over it and sadly miss Bear, he truly was the best dog and gone too young. But as I explained to the Abigail he is running free with our cat Tigger in heaven and all the other dogs up there having a great time with Jesus, that is what helps us with grieving. I truly do believe since God created animals they to go to heaven!

Even though it has been a tough day emotionally, we are happy to report we have had only two accidents which were first thing this morning and 6 successes one being number two for Aidan, whoohoo!! So I am thankful for that and it keeping me busy from thinking too much about the loss of our family dog!! 

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