Friday, May 9, 2014

Friday Encouragement

Friday so much to be thankful for! So much to pray for! Thankful I have Jesus through it all!! Today I like to ask you if you have a prayer request you like me to pray with you for, share those in the comments and you can remain anonymous if you prefer.

For where two or three are gathered together in my name, 
there am I in the midst of them.~Matthew 18:20

Have you ever had doubts? You can catch my post here:

But, here’s the deal…at the end of the day, we serve an audience of one. The only thing that really matters is our obedience to what God is saying.

"Serving the Lord diligently is more than just avoiding hindrances, though. It's also about setting my mind and heart on things of the Spirit instead of the temporary indulgences of the flesh."

We have the privilege of showing our children that everything in life pales in comparison to enjoying God and being in his presence. Everything else in life will let us down, break, or turn out to be less than we expected, but God always satisfies.

Because life is messy. It can be hard and unfair. It can be brilliant and beautiful. It can be all of these at the same time. But no matter what kind of mess you’re staring down today, you can say yes. God doesn’t wait for us to perfect our life before He asks us to obey. He doesn’t wait for us to have it all together, to clean up our act, to finally arrive before He asks.

How would your days be different if you truly believed, remembered and lived as if all your days were ordained by God? What if we embraced that every hour, actually every minute was planned by the careful hand of our father?


Jesus is the remedy for the dissatisfied. And He’s calling to you, the empty, weary, thirsty women of the world today, just like He met with the woman at the well 2,000 years ago. He’s the lover of your soul, my friend. And knowing and loving Him is where abundant life starts.

Sweet friend, speak this Faith Declaration over your heart. Believe what it says. Let the roots of these truths go deep and take hold of your heart and mind.  

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