Saturday, May 10, 2014

Happy Mothers Day to ALL!!!

When I think of what being a mom is, it is truly an amazing blessing to be one, to do the work we do day in and day out and get up everyday knowing we have the most wonderful job in the world. Though there are some days when getting up is not easy, because it happens to be before the sun is up as in my case most days. But I really wouldn't change it for anything. It is a pouring in that I know will reap a harvest. Much the same as my journey in faith with my Jesus! I am blessed mama of these two sweet children that God has given my husband and I and I am proud to be their mama!!

I also want to say a very Happy Mother's Day to all the mama's out there that are building the kingdom of God, who are raising precious little souls! Especially thank you to my mom, I know I wasn't always a little angel growing up, but she means the world to me! Also a special mothers day to my wonderful mother in law who raised my wonderful loving hubby to be the awesome dad that he is!!

To those mama's who are childless because of infertility or loss, know that you are loved by an almighty God who feels your pain and struggle. Never give up on that hope! I struggled with infertility for a few years and it was hard but I look back and see where God was working. So remember He has a plan and though sometimes we don't understand it now, we will someday.

Here is some wonderful encouraging and inspiring mother day posts:

Sisters, we are not alone. We stand together as children of God and sisters in Christ, life-givers and character-molders. We are called by God to live this role of Mommy, and we will do it together.
 When I hear about the solid trust you have in Jesus and your outpouring of love to all the Christians, to other believers, and those who don’t yet believe, I can’t stop thanking God for you. When I pray, I think of you and give thanks (Ephesians 1:15-16 MSG).

Let’s add some new items to our “to do” lists this year. Let’s search for joy in the midst of the day-to-day, and when we need girlfriends and community that will hug us and love us straight out of that pit, let’s be the women who gather our tribes together. Laughter and joy are good for our hearts.
                          No, you may not color on the wall with chalk, but thank you for asking first.
                          You went potty? Where did it go?
                          You can’t have a marshmallow peep until you finish your cinnamon roll.
                          If you slam that door one more time I will remove it.

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