Friday, May 30, 2014

It's Friday!!

Happy Friday to all my peeps! I hope your week has been blessed and that you have counted your blessings daily!! I have and life is good, even when there are trying times! I thank my Lord for it all!! I want to live a life each day with God's perspective, to live a life of thankfulness, with an open heart! I don't always do it well, but I keep going and stay on the journey that is ahead of me, because I know the victory has already been won! Thank you Jesus!

We are in official summer mode here, school was done last week! I love weeks when we don't have to be here and there and everywhere. We can just get up and say what should we do today! Well that all ends this week, as next week the kids starts swimming lessons, Aidan still has t-ball and Abigail will start gymnastics. These are activities the kids are excited about! I am excited about our soon to be first real family vacation!! What are you excited about doing this summer?

This week I really needed some encouragement and hope and I got just that and yes reminders of truth! So thankful for wisdom and answered prayers! Here are some posts worth sharing:

Do you ever forget who you are and whose you are?

We were created to dance, to laugh, to love, to enjoy, to hug and hold hands and to find joy in life–because He, who is the Great Artist, crafted life to be filled with hidden pleasures, sparkling treasures, deep fulfillment and smiles and thankful hearts and fulfilled dreams–happiness and joy.- See more at:

But the mom who fears the Lord, believing there is gospel purpose in all she does, who looks to Christ in her daily struggles and her readily apparent inadequacies, is an effective gospel warrior, rightly praised in the Kingdom of Christ.

In the end, what they think of me means nothing, but what they think of Christ means EVERYTHING.

Now what have you read this week that you would like to share?

I pray and hope all of you have a wonderful blessed weekend, full of blessings. Enjoy the little things! Count your blessings!!
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