Sunday, June 22, 2014

Family Vacation!!

We went on our first family vacation!! Now we have made many trips together, to visit family, but this was first time we went someplace that didn't involve visiting family. Don't worry we still love y'all but were long over due for some family fun and adventure! Though we have had many with all the moves and travels. But we were missing the beach and that is one of the best places to go to relax, right! So we chose to go to Orange Beach!! It was beautiful and an amazing time! We enjoyed people watching (really you do see some interesting things on the beach and there are interesting conversations that happen at the pool), playing in the pool and ocean, collecting seashells, playing in the sand, exploring new places to eat and shop, saw some dolphins, went mini golfing, road go-carts and slept in, well not really that was my dream, we were still up around 6am Aidan time! But we did stay up late, though probably shouldn't have, but we did all enjoy nap time. After spending a few hours each morning playing in the sand and water we would come in eat lunch and then nap. I may have to make that a regular thing for all of us!!

Here are a few snapshots of our adventure:

Playing in the sand!

                                          Abigail and daddy! Mama and kiddos!

Aidan chilling at the condo.

Balcony views

Seashell collecting and our collection!

Mini golf fun!!!

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