Friday, June 27, 2014

Last Friday of June!

Wow, June has gone by fast!! This week has been spent unpacking from vacation and getting back into the swing of things, all while enjoying time with Ryan's mom and step-dad. There visit was perfect timing, I was able to get away to get my hair done and out to lunch with my friend Laura and do some shopping for our homeschool room, while the kiddo's enjoyed some grandparent time! We all enjoyed a family night out for supper at Mama D's!

Last night was medal night at t-ball, Aidan loved it, he wanted to sleep with it. 

Also this week, since coming back from vacation, I want to learn how to rest and enjoy every moment like I did on vacation while we were at the beach. So I know that I have to learn to say no to things and that certain things do not have to be done right away and can wait till later. Though the perfectionist type A personality in me struggles with just letting things I see that need to be done just sit there. But I know what I need to do, and that is keeping my focus on Jesus and what He wants me to do and let Him lead my day, so I can enjoy those everyday little moments!

While I was on vacation I read half way though the book The Well Trained Mind, a great book for anyone that is homeschooling or planning on it. I also read Hands Free Mama, this book is a must if you struggle with perfectionism, distractions or wanting to let go of things to fully live!! Which is exactly what I am learning to do! I love life and want to make sure I treasure all the moments, even the simple mundane everyday moments, yes that includes dishes! So let's seize the moments at hand!

Here are some of my favorite readings this week:

Who or What you love most rules you and determines what you'll chase.

Chances are, God is not asking you to give up everything you own. He’s just asking you to give up what OWN’S YOU. At the end of your life will your words be …“Greatest mistake I ever made.” or … “I have no Spiritual Regrets?

I want to change this. I want to learn to rest. I want to see rest as a priority and not a luxury. I want to slow down and let things be imperfect so they can be more better. I want to rest before I am overextended.

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