Friday, July 11, 2014


Yay, it is Friday and it is family movie night! Always look forward to watching movies with the kids, they stay up late, we have special snacks and enjoy some time together on the couch. Especially after this week, my feet are tired, but my heart is full!

Few snapshots from VBS this week:

 Ready for the last day, crazy hair day at VBS!

Some inspiring reads:

But what if doing truly great things means doing exceptionally small things?

As Christians, forgetfulness can be quite serious for us spiritually. There is one thing we can forget that is even more dangerous than forgetting where we’ve placed our keys or failing to remember to take an important medication. One of the most important things to forget is who we are in Christ.

Ten promises from the Bible that every Christian parent should remember
God keeps reminding me that I was not created to be everything to everyone.

God is our peace and joy. He is our salvation and security. He is our daily portion and strength. Nothing of earth's wealth, honor or fame comes close to God. Even in heaven there is nothing more superb than He. For that reason, Asaph proclaims, "earth has nothing I desire besides you."

Reminder to the local moms in the area, our next session of M.O.M. will be starting soon. We are affiliated with The MOM Initiative If you would like more information, please contact me!

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