Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy 4th of July

So blessed to live in the USA a land of freedom. This post has the Declaration of Independence

This has been a great week for weather and fun at home! This week we continued work on the homeschool room, while I also organized our school curriculum. I tell ya I am an office geek! I love me some folders, files, planners, pens, gadgets, books, etc....But we are very excited to start soon, the plan is August 4th! Official notification letter went out in the mail yesterday! Big thanks to my talented hubby for making book shelves and helping me hang things.  Pics to come in another post.

The kids and I met up with friends at the "sprinkler pad" so kids could burn some energy and soak up some summer fun! We had neighbors over for fireworks, gosh that was load, hope the rest of the neighbors still love us! :) We were courteous and shut down by 9:30pm, which is kind past my bed time anyhow LOL!! Did not get many pics as difficult to take pics at dark, here are a couple pre-fireworks pics. The kids loved the sparklers!

The hubby and I watched Ragamuffin last night. I say a must see movie, a review and opportunity to receive your very own DVD, free. Watch for that post to come soon.

Next week is coming up fast and we are gearing up for our churches VBS~Gotta Move! We are excited! I will be guiding the 5 year olds around! If you haven't yet registered and have kids three years up to 5th grade it is not too late to sign up at First Missionary Baptist Church!! Trust me, your kids will love it!

This week I read some lovely reads, that spoke to my heart:

Thank you God for continuing to show me your great love for me and all the beauty that is around us. May I treasure all the gifts you have given me and glorify you in all I do!
For the homeschooling mama’s: Rest is trusting that God’s got this, even if I’m a mess, even if I’m not enough, even if I mess up every day. Because I do.
My kids don’t need to see a Super Mama. They need to see a Mama who needs a Super God.
Life will always be busy, and sometimes it’s not the race that’s the problem—it’s making sure you’re heading the right direction.
Do you want to better? Open the Bible, study the Word!
Voices. They come at us from every side. We listen to the voices on the iPad. The iPod. The iPhone. But are we listening to the Great I Am? – Courtney Joseph, Women Living Well
Whatever it means for you, it is worth the cost. This life is about being brave and that means facing our fears and our insecurities head on. Demanding from ourselves and others that we will live this life with intention. With the purpose to become better, wiser, braver and less bitter. That we learn empathy. That we give grace and compassion not only to others, but to ourselves.

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