Saturday, July 5, 2014

Homeschool Room and Planning

Loving the transformation of our once toy room into our school room! We kept some toys in the room, and moved a few to their bedrooms to make the space needed. It has been fun putting this room together, something I never thought would happen, but the Lord has a plan and I am going to be obdient to His calling. I know the journey is long and at times may be difficult, but I will trust the Lord with this journey.

You see, homeschooling has been something that was placed on my heart about three years ago, though nothing I really started thinking about much until two years ago when Abigail started preschool. Since then I have prayed about it and researched. After much discussion with the hubby, he too is now on board. With my husband's crazy schedule, he would probably never see the children much. Plus there are other reasons why. But I do believe this is God's plan for our family and I know that they will get the best education (,,, while being able to pursue their interests.

We chose to use Sonlight for our curriculum. Basically here is why: This year for kindergarten Abigail will be doing the following subjects: history, Bible, language arts/reading, handwriting (Handwriting Without Tears), science (intro to biology, botony, and physics), and math (Horizons) We will also be adding in some art education (ARTistic Pursuits) for Abigail since she loves art.

I am choosing to use A Simple Plan by Mardel, to schedule our schooling and track information. I love the look of it, plus looks easy to use and has all I need, plus it coordinates will with my Erin Condren life planner. I am currently in the process of planning out our school year. Basically we will do a four day week with the fifth day being used for extracurricular subjects (art/music), a computer phonics program (Starfall), field trips, homeschool group activities, etc...

I am using manuals and folders to organize our material in. Loving the drawer system (thanks Audria for this idea), one side for Abigail and the other will be for Aidan when he joins us in a couple years. For now he can sit in and observe when he likes to, since he has two years of preschool left. My husband built us wall book shelves for all the books we will be using. I converted our diaper changing table into place to keep school supplies and file system. We hung a white board and some inspiration on the walls for our room.Today I received our maps and hung those next to our whiteboard. I love how it turned out, as the school year progresses we may change or add some things that are needed.


  1. I'm really excited for you!! My biggest piece of advice is not to try to do too much, you do not have to do "School at Home". At their young age play is the biggest thing & you do not have to do every subject every day. Actually at 2nd & 4th grade we still only did math, reading/spelling, and Bible every day. Depending on the day we would do History or Science, but not all the time. None of us liked to do more than 2 hours per day. We do fun things in the afternoon, no seat work. This year we will do History or Science every day. I have seen too many people try to do too much & burn themselves or their kids out. Homeschool is flexible & fun :) Prayers for a great year!!

  2. Thanks girl and for the prayers too! Science is only schedule two days and history and Bible are together. I am looking forward to learning along the way, excited to be on this journey! :)

  3. Love your school room!

  4. Love your school room!


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