Friday, July 25, 2014

Last Friday of July!!

We had a somewhat busy week! Playdate, Abigail's last summer gymnastics class, MOM meeting, doctor appointment, which unexpectedly turned into almost half day event, but included a quiet lunch by myself while waited in between appointments, that is a rarity, no kids, no interruptions~I soaked it in and enjoyed some Dunkin Donuts! We attended a fun surprise party for one of our favorite gals and friends, and tonight MOVIE night!

In one more week, we will officially start homeschooling, the room is ready, all supplies, and planned out for the year! I also printed off some cute 1st day of Kindergarten print-outs!

Here are some great inspirational reads from this week that I came across:

When You Want to Live Less Tired & More Inspired

Sometimes our callings fill us with wonder

Take time to listen. To connect the dots. To be open to a new thing. God just might be on the move.

Jesus never rushed. He set His life to the rhythm of connection and compassion. With great intentionality Jesus stayed unrushed. This is what I want.

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