Friday, July 18, 2014

Thankful for Friday's!

What a beautiful week we had this week for weather!! The kids sure did soak it all in! Since it was cooler the kiddos and hubby camped out in the backyard one night! I took advantage of having the bed to myself! This week also wrapped up the homeschool planning!

Here are some blog posts that blessed my soul this week:

"God’s ways are always best and bring health, joy, beauty and real life–eventually. He shares our grief, frustrations and grieves with us in our broken hearts. However, as a loving Father, He must interfere with our own limited expectations of how we falsely believe that we can find true joy and happiness in this world if we just try to control it enough. But I have had to learn that I am a toddler who has so little perspective, think I am hidden, or perhaps at times, in fear of being lost, can pretend and play and at times, pour out tears of sorrow at the difficulties and barriers He allows in my life. We are all immature, short sighted and limited, being held fast by this earth, that God has to pry our hands free from our strong clutches on this world, to force us to look more heavenly and more astutely towards eternity where we will live forever and ever in His true light." - See more at:

A must read for all moms...Preparation for the High Calling of Motherhood
Preparation for the High Calling of Motherhood
Preparation for the High Calling of Motherhood
Preparation for the High Calling of Motherhood

Randy Alcorn said: If you don’t give yourself room to breathe, you won’t give God room to move.”

What makes you tick? What motivates you? What "thing", if you have it, puts you on cloud 9?

What happens when I believe God is whispering to my heart to do something that I can’t wrap my head around?

To be a true disciple of Christ, I must BE the church, not just “do” church. And this means loving people through concrete actions because love in the abstract isn’t love.

Click on over to read a post I shared...Please Lord I don’t want to waste my life.

So for anyone just starting out and under the same misimpressions that I was (or any long time mama who would enjoy a few chuckles), here are a few disclaimers to the joyous world of motherhood. - See more at:

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