Saturday, August 30, 2014

Some good times...

I know the kids will appreciate these pictures in years to come...memories! Or at least I hope!

Aidan is taking care of the class bear this weekend, so far Daisy the bear is still in one piece. He is not gentle with him, he is all boy, rough and tumble. So far Daisy and him have made silly faces, played cars and tractors, read books, wrestled, and Aidan has been swinging her through the air. I hope Daisy makes it back in one piece. I don't think Daisy will want to visit again. However, Aidan really is enjoying having Daisy here and is loving on the bear too.

Abigail and I attended a princess tea party that benefited the Ronald McDonald House. She had a wonderful time, getting her nails done, making a craft, meeting and photo opportunities with the princesses, and of course cupcake and tea time!

Next week we will have a small party to celebrate Abigail's birthday. She has invited a few friends over for cupcakes and playtime. Instead of presents she is asking for donations for Kids Against Hunger. Love her giving little heart! Can't believe she will be turning 6!

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