Friday, September 12, 2014


So look forward to Friday most weeks, though sometimes it hard to keep track of the days of the week. My sons preschool schedule helps and doing the daily calender with my daughter for school also helps, so I know what day of the week it is. With my husbands job we just don't have normal week like most, with his on-call 24/7 job, coming and going it can be hard sometimes. But that is ok, everyday is a gift, we should treat it as so!! God reminds of us of those gifts in His Word and creation all around us. All you have to do is look at the face of a loved one, friends, the items you have been blessed to have, etc... and this week on a family hike I was also reminded of God's gifts in nature.

James 1:17 Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change.

Been a great week at Raising Arrows school! This week Abigail finished up her 6th week of school!! We had some fun learning about sea creatures in our oceans. Abigail started on spelling words and she loves it! We went hiking this week and turned it into a little nature and art lesson. She attended a 4H homeschool group, where she participated in voting and made a collage. She enjoyed some play times with friends this week on a couple visits to friends houses and at the tball field where she ran into one of her friends she went to preschool with. This week the kids at church started practicing for the Christmas program. This week during horse lessons Abigail got to go fast as she says (it was a trot), she really loved it! Aidan enjoys hanging out and participating with us sometimes during school. He had school pictures this week, so look forward to seeing those come back (though mommy failed at getting his hair done), and he is learning his letters! Aidan also started a new season of tball! The kids are looking forward to AWANA starting back on Sunday!
 Some days this is how we dress for school!

Little man playing some ball!!

This week I started reading a couple books, which I would recommend:
The Best YES by Lysa Terkeurst
Seasons of a Woman's Life by Lois Evans
I have the pleasure of being apart of a book launch for a friend about her journey through infertility and adoption. Can't wait to share more soon, it is a great book, full of inspiration, and seeing how God is in all the details of our lives!

Here are some encouraging reads this week:

It is possible to walk through the door of fear and arrive on the other side to find joy there waiting

It’s almost impossible to see yourself as the same person before God saved you.  You are a new creation in Christ.

I am right where God wants me to be. It’s not an accident that I am located where I am.

Our God is creative! Have you noticed that? I sure have! Genesis to Revelation is lined with just how creative He is. He spoke the very world into existence and breathed His breath into the lungs of man. He created the highest mountains, the lowest valleys and the deepest seas. And He paints the most exquisite of sunrises and sunsets every day across the world.

Remember this truth when life is hard, when you doubt, when your tired…this….

Yes emotions, they can get in the way of being a blessing or causing hurt…Emotions are not a bad thing in and of themselves. God made us to have feelings. But we can’t be ruled by them or led by them.

We are souls undone and rebuilt by the Spirit of God. As God surveys this earth, He sees light and darkness. And He sees His light, His Spirit wandering through neighborhoods, offices, schools, Wal-marts, Chick-fil-a playgrounds, and eating breadsticks at Olive Gardens.
We possess God and are filled with Him for the very same purposes that Peter, John, Paul, Mary and Luke in the early church were filled with Him. We are filled with God to pour Him into the darkness. Pour Him into the broken souls who are starving for something.
We are: built by God
rescued by God
filled with God
pleasing to God.
May we never get over it. This weight of glory we carry is the promise of more, the promise of kingdoms coming that our imaginations can’t contain.
So don’t waste your days wondering if there is more.
There is more.

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