Friday, September 19, 2014


I really don't have much to share this week, not because nothing has happened, actually a lot has. This week has been a whirlwind of sorts! So many blessings, but I am exhausted!! My brain needs rest! This week we had our first meeting for the new season of MOM Group, I am just so amazed to see how many mama's there were and am excited to see what God will be doing through the ministry this year. We had T-Ball, horse riding, and of course school. Tonight we are super excited for movie night as we will be watching The Boxcar Children, it is a book we read and discussed during our language arts class a couple weeks ago. This week in addition to the usual math, spelling, and reading we have been talking about the medieval times, very interesting! I love hearing what Abigail thinks about the study. For science we have been enjoying learning about oceans, Arctic, and Antarctica. Abigail wants to go visit, not sure she understands just how cold it would be, I can't imagine, but I did not like Minnesota winters when I lived there, so that won't be happening!

Few fun snapshots of the week:
 Silly giraffe boy, learning about God created animals!

This is what Aidan does while sister does horse riding lessons. 

Learning to guide the horse!

Working hard at school! 

                                                    T-Ball Game!

Haven't read much for blog posts this week, as I am reading three books right now and going through and reading a chapter a day in the Bible with a study group. If there is anything worth reading, anything that I would recommend without hesitation it would be the Bible. The only living Word that speaks and gives truth! I am so thankful my grandmother gave me my own Bible 12 years ago. The best gift anyone can give a person, as it is life changing. I wonder if she knew that at the time :) I miss her so much!

If you’ve ever doubted God’s affection for you, consider that in all of His creation, it was you He made in His own image.

It’s time to get a little serious. We will be afflicted. We will be persecuted. We will face troubles. This side of Jesus coming back, it will happen. But it isn’t hopeless. With God’s word filling us, His Spirit empowering us, and other believers standing courageously with us, we can overcome. Jesus has overcome. Our feet can stand immovable.


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