Thursday, September 4, 2014

Very special birthday!!

Hard to imagine my daughter turns 6 tomorrow! Wow, when they say time flies, it sure does! I love my kids to the moon and back, and then some! I thank God for them everyday, they are true treasures! Yes, there are moments they drive me crazy too, but I would not want it any differently!

Abigail is the one who made me a mom six years ago! She arrived in time for us to have breakfast! She is like me in some ways and some ways like her daddy, and others just who God made her to be! She is beautiful, thoughtful, kind, helpful, and giving! She is sweet, but can be spunky! She is a quick learner, loves everyone! She loves horses and right now anything Frozen she gets excited about, even the new underwear she got from us! She is a Jesus girl, loves singing, movies, and all things girly, but doesn't mind helping daddy in the garage or in the yard! When she grows up she wants to be a veterinarian and teacher at church!

We have been celebrating her birthday about everyday this week! Tuesday she invited some of her friends over for a cupcake princesses party.They had fun playing with bubbles, balloons, and doing a little sidewalk chalk art! Instead of donations she collect money to give to Kids Against Hunger, the kiddos raised enough money to provide 392 meals!! So proud of them all!!

Wednesday she opened presents from her family. She received lots of cute new clothes, shoes, and her favorite Frozen items! Tomorrow, which is her actual birthday we will do a little something special and she will get to pick the movie for Friday night movie, my guess...Frozen!

Here are some snapshots of all the fun she has been having:

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