Friday, November 7, 2014

Friday and It's November!!!

This last week has been a bit refreshing! Because I am actually at peace about something I have been processing for some time, plus it was a great school week!!

God has been speaking to my heart about something that I need to let go of for some time now, and as hard as it is to understand, I am at peace with it, of course took some time to get there! But after receiving confirmation from God about it in three different ways, and some wise words of wisdom I know what I need to do! Right now I don't have the time to give it the attention it deserves, because of the season I am in with two little's and homeschooling, and for some reason my passion isn't there for it, that for me is hard to process but I know that God has a plan and something bigger is going to transpire because of this.

Last Friday we had some of our fav peeps over for a little Halloween play-date. Abigail and I put together a table of some yummy treats and she made a poster for the occasion. The kids had a blast and us mommies enjoyed some adult chat! Over the weekend we put up our Thanksgiving tree and read through the Bible verses about giving thanks. We will start our count-down to Thanksgiving in a couple weeks. We also picked up some items to paint and make Christmas decorations. The kids had a lot of fun painting and I enjoyed helping, even though I am really not gifted in the craft department!

School has been good! We included some fun Thanksgiving activities in and enjoying learning about the underwater world!! Aidan has been having fun in preschool, this month they have the manners meals, so he is learning about manners, something we struggle with at our table with him. My boy is a messy eater! So maybe he will learn something and do it at home, but thankful we have Zeke to clean up those messes of his. Speaking of Zeke our boy has gotten big, but he still thinks he is a lap dog! Check out the pictures below. 

Thanksgiving tree, my favorite holiday!

 Lap dog!
 Hogging the couch!

Craft day!

Do you want to build a snowman!!? 

Encouraging reads this week:

When life doesn't fit, it's easy to worry or be critical or try to fix it. But let's let Mary be our model. She took her problem to Jesus and she left it there. She stated her problem simply, presented it faithfully and trusted Him humbly.

Not one thing is too big for God, too hard for God, too much for God. And if nothing is impossible, that means anything and everything must be possible with God.

In this tough world we live in, struggles and heartache are inevitable, and they may leave us wondering: Whom can we trust? Is there anyone out there who actually keeps every promise?

Because I believe that that Cheerios, diapers, laundry, and dishes are serious theology

If you need proof that God exists…

Wonderful tips on taking care of your body


What if we gave children a vision for the big picture of life…before we ever passed out the pencils? What if we raised kids with a mission? 

Jumping into homeschooling for the first time feels a lot like I’d imagine bungee jumping for the first time does. You’re teetering on the edge of the unknown wondering things like:

This song has been on repeat… “The Word of God is light in my darkness
Hope for the hopeless, strong and true
The Word of God is strength for the weary
A shield for those who trust in You
A shield for those who trust in You
Everything will fade, everything will fade
The heavens and the earth will pass away
But You will remain, yes, You will remain always”

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