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Homeschooling, where we are at and some encouragement...

~Raising Arrows~

 Homeschooling is something that has been on my heart for years, not something I decided one night. Nope I prayed, researched, asked questions, and continue to research, and pray. I am thankful the hubs got on board with it and agrees, because it is something I felt called to do by God and is the best choice for our family!!

We are now in week 14 of schooling and it has been going smoothly. We love our curriculum choice, though I have made some minor changes to it and added a few things, but that is what is great about homeschooling. I can see how my child (and soon it will be children, when he graduates preschool) is doing and make the necessary adjustments that are needed. She has been excelling, she rocks at math and science, is great at spelling! Her passions right now are art and animals, so we tie that in by doing weekly art class and horse riding lessons and getting books from library to learn about different animals. She is involved in 4H and a literature club, which she enjoys going to and learning from others. She has been making friends with other homeschoolers, as I have too, some that we have been friends with before we made our decision. It is growing, more and more. We are apart of three large homeschool groups in the area and I know several friends that have been doing it for years, some of which now have children in college!

When we decided we were definitely homeschooling it was only a month and half before public school started. We had to come up with a name, wow that was difficult at first, we both came up with some but none clicked, but after asking God one day, it appeared to me....Raising Arrows and so I asked the hubs and he said yes right away to it! Yay!! Because that is what we our doing ~ raising arrows ~  raising children to be warriors and go out into the world!. (Psalm 127:4)

Some reasons we choose to homeschool....
~We want our children to have more time with their family, to know the importance of family! I feel we as parents are there to nurture, train and disciple them, and if there at school the majority of the day and then activities, it doesn't allow us that time. Plus with my husband's crazy work schedule of being on call 24/7, off days typically Tuesday/Wednesday and going out for days at a time, it just doesn't allow that important time if they are away from the home majority of the time!
~To grow in a safe secure environment, which will help prepare them before going out into the "real world", which can be a harsh world if you are not prepared. To avoid all the peer pressure and bullying that their tender sensitives souls are just not ready to endure at such a young age, and it starts early folks! Earlier then I realized! To preserve their innocence in this culture, which has become more ungodly, until their more mature to handle situations.
~To allow time just to be a kid, today children are growing up way too fast!! I am not talking about the days go by fast, I am talking about maturity level and doing things before they're ready or understand. Being exposed to things that are not meant for their eyes or ears. Let's just enjoy being kids, because it does go by fast!
~Allow them to excel academically and use their gifts God gave them. To develop at their own pace and not get left behind in the large classrooms.
~To teach them to be mission-minded.

Now am I saying you should homeschool? No it has to be a personal choice that is right for you and your family. However, if it is something you are thinking of doing, be prepared and do the research and sit in prayer with God to lead you through it! Have a mentor/support person that shares wisdom!

Do I think those that choose public school are making a wrong choice, nope not at all. I know some wonderful teachers and children that go to public school. I personally have a slight concern at how much the government is in control and them taking God out, some kids falling through the "cracks" because simply put school is a one-size fits all but that is not how we as people were created to be and schools have a room full of children per one teacher so it is hard to get individual one on one. Now some kids excel in that type of environment and some just don't. Plus, I see and hear about more violence and bullying, which is something I personally experienced and it left scars. No child should have to go through that!

Here is some encouragement and maybe laughs for us homeschooling or thinking about it:

I can't tell you the number of times it has been brought to my attention about the concern of homeschooling when it comes to socialization and me having more patience so that is why I can do it, ha (because really I am not all that patient)...

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