Friday, November 7, 2014

On my mind and heart today...

Two things to share on my mind and heart right now, after doing a little reading....
Question for you believers and nonbelievers to ponder...What would the world be like without Jesus? Wow, if that doesn't give you enough reason to believe! Praise JESUS!

Was reading this old post  , because I was looking into this book and quote, so I will be adding this book to my must read list... The gospel serves as the means by which God daily constructs me into what He wants me to be and also serves as the channel through which He gives me my inheritance every day of my Christian life...It is for this reason that God tells me to be steadfastly entrenched in the gospel at all times and never to allow myself to be moved from there.~A Gospel Primer for Christians 

Always goes back to my life verse, faith and trust over understanding!

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