Friday, December 19, 2014

Friday blessings and last day of school for the 2014 year!!

Wow!! What a week, God is so good!! We started the week off, watching my husband be baptized and then baptize our daughter, really probably one of the best days of my life witnessing that!! It definitely is well with my soul!! Following that our Sunday school class participated in providing Christmas for a few families and then we ended the night watching our churches children's Christmas program, which Abigail and Aidan both participated in!

Monday, Abigail and I started our school week and hubby took Aidan to school for his Christmas party. Tuesday was MOMs Group, we were missing several due to Christmas events and the flu :( But those that were there had a wonderful time participating in the cookie exchange and listening to a wonderful testimony. We have had growth and changes in our group, and I can't wait to see what happens in the New Year for the group! On Wednesday Aidan had PJ Polar Express day at school, which I heard he loved! Abigail and I finished up week 18 of school. It is wonderful to see what she has learned since we started! She enjoys reading, learning how to tell time, addition, and is doing great at spelling! Today, I get to get my braces off, oh I am dreaming of sticky caramels, gooey chocolate, and nachos!

This year has been a whirlwind of good times, dealing with some changes, and many blessings!! Looking forward to enjoying Christmas day next week and the following week celebrating our 10 year wedding anniversary!!

Snapshots of the week: (Thanks to a wonderful friend for taking the pictures on Sunday, these are some of my favs!!)
Abigail with our pastor! 
                  The hubs and pastor.                                                             Abigail, hubs, and pastor.
 The three of us after the baptism was done.

              Abigail and her friends performing church program.         Aidan and his friend as wise-men!

             Aidan's Christmas party at preschool.

Encouraging reads:  

Ten Lessons God's Word has taught me through the life of Mary:

Sometimes a good enemy is our greatest asset.

I’m here and I’ve been here before. The practice of self-control to just stay put. To just be and stop chasing my next breath. I’m never gonna catch it that way.

Life is about growth not perfection…

You can trust your Heavenly Father because He's promised that He'll use the controllers to passionately pursue your holiness and best interests.

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