Friday, December 5, 2014

Friday Blessings~Christmas Season!!!

What a wonderful blessed week it has been! The hubby had 5 days off, so we were able to enjoy lots of family time, my favorite thing!! We went and gawked at Christmas lights (I personally love Christmas lights can not get enough of them!), decorated for Christmas season, visited Santa, had Christmas movie night, kicked off our 25 days to Christmas count-down/Advent, did some baking, and Christmas present wrapping!! We started school back on Monday this week and Abigail made the most important decision to accept Jesus as her Savoir!! Praises!!! So this mama heart is full!!

We started our Christmas count-down on December 1 and the kids opened a Christmas gift which included Christmas pj's, stuffed animal for each, and with two movies for the Christmas season. So we enjoyed a night with special treats and movie time on Monday! 

This year for Christmas season we are incorporating the Jesse Tree Ornaments we made in MOPS a few years ago, along with a daily advent reading plan from the Jesus Storybook Bible. In addition I am personally doing the advent story from Good Morning Girls called Keeping Our Hearts Focused On Jesus!

It was a busy fun week for school this week. We had literature club and 4H!

Here are some snapshots of our week:

This dog seriously has the best life!

This week's encouraging reads:

Living in the grace and knowledge that God forgives, knows our limitations, is not surprised or disappointed, but wanting to give us hope is so very crucial. Don't listen to the accusers voice. Of course you have fallen short--you are a mom and you are human. There is always hope! Five things to do when you are discouraged!

Girls, when it comes to professing Christianity and claiming to be God’s girl, your interactions with others may not always be pleasant. Hey, you may even get strange looks from time to time. Some may laugh at you. Others might roll their eyes and mock your beliefs. Your friends may distance themselves and your relatives may think you’ve lost your mind. See, when it comes to a relationship with your heavenly Father, by our culture’s standards, it’s not considered the “in” thing to do, but if you think about it—we weren’t placed on this Earth to impress its residents. Nor are we living for their approval. Our focus should be to shine the light on God, not ourselves.

 That’s it. That’s everything. And when you realize the impact of this, it truly is everything! No hoops, no penance, no working at all. Just faith. You can’t buy it by good works, friends, because it’s not for sale.

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