Friday, January 30, 2015

Last Friday of January~Wow

We finished week 22 of school this week. Been enjoying reading Little House In The Big Woods and finished up our Bible lesson on JOY!! This week we had some fun in science! We have been learning about inventions and the important work scientist do.We attended Literature Club this week with our homeschool groups. Little man joined us too, we had a fun time listening to stories about winter, making snowflakes and playing bingo! No horse lessons this week, with the weather, and our schedule this week it didn't work out. However, the hubby taught art class this week, which is so much more is specialty than I. They had a lot of fun!

Tomorrow I am looking forward to MNO (mom night out) with our mom group! I don't get out much with friends due to season I am in, so this is much over do and I am sure will be lots of fun!!! 

I have been listening to that voice in my heart and it really has blessed me this week! I am a recovering perfectionist, who tends to listen to her head more than I should, instead of that voice inside my heart, which is of God. What I am learning is that when I listen to my heart and obey I am blessed and am able to love and bless others. God doesn't expect us to be perfect, He just wants us to love, that is His greatest commandment. This is why Jesus came to earth to show us love, grace and mercy. God knew we couldn't do it on our own and that is why we need a savior. Don't worry if you have a messy past or that you may mess up again, no one is perfect, Jesus has us covered, just listen to your heart and love!!
This song sums it up, Come To The Water

Snapshots from the week: 

Learning about form in art class!

Abigail and the lion she created.

Our dog takes up most of the couch, but we all still managed to fit.

Working on a puzzle together.

Encouraging reads:
This is my beautiful mess.

I think this was wrote for me… Our weakness is the very thing God wants to use to show His love in powerful ways to someone else. It’s risky to be vulnerable, but do it anyway!

"I think so many are worried about what they need to do to get into heaven, what they don’t realize it is just one thing, one person, one acceptance with an open heart." Jesus+nothing ~ What will get me into Heaven?

Yes I am pro-marriage, even though I have divorced. This was an interesting read

As mothers and wives, it is absolutely crucial that we learn to breathe, relax, and focus and center ourselves on what should be prioritized.

Grace is sufficient, grace is amazing, and grace is for everyone imperfect

What I am reading:
Unshockable Love by John Burke
Love Idol by Jennifer Dukes Lee 

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