Friday, January 9, 2015

Weekly Encouragement and What's Going On!

Really nothing to exciting happened this week, other than we finished up week 19 of school, the hubs and kids are building our chicken coop, and our MOM Group started planning our 2nd Father/Daughter Banquet!! I finished reading The Utter Relief of Holiness and started reading Educating the WholeHearted Child and Chronological Life Application Study Bible, which will probably take me a year or two to get through. I am debating which book to start next while I read the other two, I have a stack and two books are being shipped as we speak (yes I have an addiction!). I am always reading the Bible and a Bible study book of some sort, in addition to something homeschool related. Yes I multitask reading, some can't do it, but I am always reading 2-3 books at a time. How about you?

Back to the book I just finished, The Utter Relief of Holiness, great book! It is about how God's goodness FREES us from everything that plagues us.
"We were created for life, love, beauty, joy, laughter, friendship, adventure." (see Ephesians 1:4-12)
"The apostles were lawbreakers. But they were very holy men."
"I think the culture of popular goodness has confused a lot of young people who are sincere about pursuing holiness. Buying eco-friendly shoes is just not on a scale with loving Jesus. Riding a bicycle to work is just not nearly as weighty as telling other people about Jesus. They are important, but a Christian has a lot more things that are far more important." 
"You have a say in what your heart gives away to." "You actually have a say in worry, fear, anxiety, and their cousins." (see Proverbs 24:17, Psalm 62:10, Proverbs 7:24-25, John 14:27)
"We think we can compartmentalize our "issues", but they bleed over into other realms."
"Love God and love others. Honestly, if you set these two motives before you each day, they will see you through a thousand quandaries." ~ John Eldredge

School was a success this week, added more spelling words, learning how to count by twos, and studied trees. We read about missionaries in Europe and Canada from around the 1930s. Most importantly we focused on JOY!! Jesus Others You

Encouraging reads:

The great news is that God is the author of 2015. He knows each and every twist and turn that lay ahead both for you and for me. He has planned 2015 down to the minutest detail, all with the goal of his glory and our good. So when it comes to facing the new and unexpected, when the future seems frightening and uncertain, and when we come to a new and unfamiliar junction in the road of life, the best and greatest thing we can do is pray. Through Christ, we can come to the throne of grace with confidence, casting our cares and anxieties upon the Lord, and know that we will find grace and help in our time of need. God hears our prayers, he uses our prayers, and he desires that we come before him in prayer.

You are not who you were yesterday, You are not who you will be tomorrow. You’re in the middle of the beautiful process of becoming.

For me, part of getting down under things is taking the time to get to know myself. At first glance, that sentence sounds mighty indulgent. But then again, the better I get to know myself, the better I give to others around me. The more effectively I use my talents and gifts to affectionately love on others in my circles.

His burden really is easy and His yoke is light. Yet it's hard to know sometimes what His burden is, isn't it?
dealing with the reality--conflict is a normal part of life in a fallen world where everyone you meet is in need of Christ's grace

So I have discovered something, thanks to a friend.


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