Friday, February 27, 2015

Last Friday of February!

The month of love is coming to an end, but next month we will have a new focus in our homeschooling.
We have started preparing for Easter here, reading about the time Jesus spent here on earth. I personally have been studying lent and love what is, you can read more here...

This week we finished week 26 at Raising Arrows! I love it when I see what I have been teaching being used, this week Abigail impressed us both with what she has been learning!! Love seeing my children learn, and blessed to be apart of it!! Today Abigail has piano lessons and tomorrow she is going on a date with daddy, to the Father Daughter Banquet that is put on by our MOM Group! She is so excited and looking forward it to. Last year she had a ball, as did my husband!!


We have an announcement to make....Zeke now has a sister! We adopted Abba, through Safe Haven Rescue. She is believed to be around 3 years of age, part schnauzer and australian terrier mix. She is half the size of Zeke, they are learning to be play buddies! This is her pic from Safe Haven.

Pics of the week:

Abba enjoying the couch!

The hubs teaching Aidan how to paint!

Dog life!
Feeding and watching birds, this was our first visitor!

Encouraging reads:
Statistics show that 88% of mothers feel severely stressed and overcome with anxiety due to poor time management and difficulty prioritizing. In a hectic world that is over-stimulated on our phones, computers, social media, and Starbucks addictions, are we losing sight of what is truly important in the midst of the balancing act? My mind ponders the fact that we were simply not designed to multitask to this extent.

This imperfect day IS PART OF YOUR JOURNEY. It’s necessary in you getting to your goal. Yes–the imperfections still count!

People are hurting. People are broken. People are lonely. One small act of kindness can greatly affect another. It’s not the size of the gift that matters it’s simply the gift.

I am learning that while I will not find perfection in this world, I have found it in Jesus. And that is a better kind of perfection. One that I cannot lose.

While we don’t know when the end will come, it does come nearer every day, doesn’t it, and so we ought to ask, what should I be doing if the end is near?

The thing about loss is that it reminds us that we cannot do this life on our own. We cannot process, cannot understand, cannot make it through without Him. The holes that loss leaves are too big for anything worldly to fill. Only Jesus can do it.

When we invest in ourselves and the talents God gave us, we are more fulfilled individuals. That personal wholeness makes us better wives, moms, friends and co-workers.

Homeschooling is good for families.  Here are 100 reasons why.