Friday, February 6, 2015

February is LOVE month

Well it is LOVE month in our homeschool room, that is our focus this month, last month was JOY! We are using In This House We Will Giggle, Making Virtues, Love and Laughter a Daily Part of Your Family Life a book wrote by Courtney DeFeo for the next 12 months, it is a book that focuses on virtues, mixed in with love, grace and Biblical truth. This month we will focus on a weekly verse about LOVE from the Bible. It was hard to narrow down to just four verses because love is written about so much in the Bible. So if you ever feel like you are not loved, go seek out God's Word. Our memory verse is 1 John 4:19 We love because HE first loved us. What is LOVE= caring for others, expecting nothing in return.

We finished up week 23 at Raising Arrows Homeschool Academy, and what a week it was. We started out the week wondering if we will have six more weeks of winter and what is a groundhog. We talked about atoms and molecules, Abigail was very interested. I am glad she is, that stuff bored me when I was younger. We started word problems in math, made some fun Valentine crafts, and continue reading through Little House In The Big Woods, we both love it and Abigail is learning what is like to grow up without all the conveniences we now have in our modern day living. Little House was one of my favorite shows growing up, and a part of me would love to live out in middle of no where, learning to live off the land. Today, Abigail starts piano lessons, she is excited!!

A few have asked, what do you teach during the day? Well our curriculum that we use is literature based, so it includes a variety of read alongs, which we all enjoy. In addition we have a great lesson plan that includes Bible, writing, phonics, history, math, and science. I love that it also talks about missionaries all over the world, so she learns about different countries and ways to serve God. We do a lot of discussion, along with some worksheets and video's. I add in some fun to focus around our holidays and special days that we have going on. There are so many free homeschool items on the internet to use. So she is getting a well rounded education, and it has been great to see her start to read books on her own and how excited she gets when she learns something new. We are also involved in a homeschool 4H and Literature Club group, next year we are looking into a weekly coop group. We do our best to work around little man's preschool schedule, he has one more year before he joins us. For now he sometimes participates when he is not at preschool.

A month or so ago I spent time organizing some areas in our house, however that only helped temporarily, I knew something more needed to be done. So what a better time to start on long cold rainy winter days. So last weekend I started purging, and by that I mean getting rid of stuff we don't use, wear or has just been sitting around collecting dust or taking up space. I went through our room (and only my stuff, not to worry the hubby), office and desk filing area and was able to purge 3 garbage bags of things to donate or consignment, plus two bags to dispose of. Great feeling, now to tackle the rest of the rooms, one by one is my goal. It made me realize just how much stuff we have that we don't need and waste. I know the hardest will be going through my books, I already feel some anxiety about that, so will probably leave that till last and put on lots of peace and calming essential oil that day! Maybe eat lots of chocolate too, whatever helps, right!! Reality it is clutter and taking up space and extra time, and I want to be free of clutter to keep a better focus on Jesus (and this week I also let go of something else I have been apart of for the last few years, I knew months ago I needed to, but kept holding on, more on that later), and we need to do this with our own hearts, get rid of past emotions and built up walls, so as the song goes....Let It Go!!!

SNAPSHOTS (ok so I didn't take but one, but will share some inspiring pins):
Love listening to her read!

Why Choose Love

"Here’s what’s true: I don’t have to save the world. Jesus already did."

"All of us fail. All of us have a past. But it is His love, His forgiveness, His heritage that defines the real us and frees us to enjoy life without worrying about our failures or shortcomings. And the more we admit our sin, the more we appreciate His love."

Love this…”I challenge you to start changing your mind and where you focus, to find and harness the power you already have, and dare to live free from who you thought you were supposed to be and design the life you want.”

"An idol is anything more important to you than God. Therefore, you can turn even very good things into idols. You can turn a good thing like family, success, acceptance, money, your plans, etc. into a god thing–into something you worship and place at the center of your life."

"So, would you come join her?  Would you join us? Be brave enough to look a little deeper, and you will find us. We are your sisters. We are over here in the trenches. We look nothing alike on the outside, but deep inside of us we are all the same. We love Jesus. We struggle every day. And we need a friend like you.

10 Things HOMESCHOOLING has taught me, great list I relate to it!

“It is amazing how easy it is to share with someone your opinion on vaccinations but how difficult it is to share with someone the life saving news of the Gospel.  Ouch!  This should concern us.” and here is how I feel…. I have seen so much controversy this last week (thanks to our media) and I have seen these type of discussions over the years not end well. I do believe there is a way to have a have these discussions and keep them positive. However, most the time it leads to hurt feelings amongst people. There are so many things we should instead be concerned about then who is right/wrong, I believe we are all right, doing the best we can as parents in this world, we must seek and pray, and not live in fear!So for the love...

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