Friday, February 13, 2015

Friday Love's!

Deep breaths that is my motto (maybe it is the yoga teacher in me), when dealing with something that isn't pleasant. This week thanks to my friend mentor, lots of "not my circus not my monkeys", with Jesus in between was being said!! Then lots of cleaning and organizing happen, which helps me to distract and process, really it does, well for me anyways! As a result, I totally gave it up to God! You know what, He will deal with it and I just need to pray and trust! So what do you do when you are facing troubles or in the midst of something? And yes, I realize I may be just weird!! But than I never wanted to be normal anyways, ha! Other than that is has been a great week!! Spent time with the hubby, had some fun in homeschooling this week with valentine parties and doing things for others. Met some new people at a homeschool coop gathering. This week we had art class again, and once again I am so thankful the hubby was home to teach it! I don't have the art gene at all, but he does and so does our daughter. This week's art lesson was about seeing lines in objects we draw. I have to say I am super impressed!! This homeschooling does take team work, just like life!
Here is a pic of the finished art project:

Pics of the week:

Abigail teaching Aidan letters!

Our handsome little man, ready for Valentine tea party!

My Valentine cuties!!
Encouraging reads:

“Great, deep, overwhelming love for Jesus is the only thing that will carry you through what He requires of you. Loving him will give you the strength to carry out your calling. Respect isn’t enough. Knowledge of his word isn’t enough. Worshiping him isn’t enough. Only love is enough.”

We need Him when we're supermoms; we need Him when we're tired. We need Him when we're praying; we need Him when we're sinning. We. Just. Need. Him.

Help is available, Mom. Let’s not wait until we’re weary to ask for it.

Sometimes the messiest moments in our lives turn out to be the most beautiful, the most breathtaking, the most cherished. And the messiest mamas are the most beautiful as they point to The Most Beautiful One of All.

As faith-filled moms, we want to be more like Jesus, right? Often that means hardship and sacrifice—but not always. In the case of lonely places, it means rest. And what mom can’t use more of that?

A love note from God. As I read it, I realized it was meant for you too.

Can we make a pact?  Can we acknowledge that we’re all flawed and all beautiful and celebrate each other?

So, dear friend. Let us learn to love what must be done, faithfully working unto the Lord. But, let us stop laying brick as if our life depended on it...and glorifying the busy that enslaves. Christ has saved us from the captivity of idleness and worthless things, but he has also redeemed us to fruitful laboring IN HIM, that is not in vain. Our every minute is now meaningful because Christ purchased our rest...can you then not rest and rest in Him?

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