Saturday, February 21, 2015


IF I believed in reincarnation, I may have been a possible bear! Ha!

I have to say I have actually enjoyed this week of being home and not having to go out, especially in this cold snowy, now raining, weather we have been having this week. Fun time with the kids, no interruptions in our school work! Great for getting over my cold I have, resting, relaxing, and getting some things done at home I wouldn't normally get done in a week, plus extra reading time!! I know it is coming to an end and that is OK, I am looking forward to seeing peeps again, and my daughter is excited for next Saturday as it the Father Daughter Banquet, so I will be helping with that again this year, so this upcoming week might be just a bit busy and this week was great prep for it. Really y'all, I am just wanting some sunshine and warmer temperatures!!

Anyone else enjoy these days?  

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