Friday, March 20, 2015

Friday is here!!!

Some people really get excited about Friday's. I do to a point, it is family movie night, where the kids pick out the movie and we make pizza and have special snacks. I really like Tuesday's/Wednesday's, as those are the typical nights of the week my husband is off call from work, and it is only every other week he gets two days off!! Though his days off don't always work as planned because he could be out on a train anyhow, because they happen to call him a few hours before he goes off the call list or 5 minutes before!. That is the case this week! It is hard sometimes living a life of a railroad wife, the unscheduled work hours, waiting for the phone to ring, and then wondering what trip it will be and how long. Kind of makes scheduling appointments a challenge and also planning events, such as a certain little boy's upcoming golden birthday! But we are use to it, and we enjoy the days when he is home. Which happens to usually be days when most people are working, so when we do go places it isn't crowded or long waits. Really this is something only a railroad wife would understand, and thankful I am friends with a few of those gals, though none of us live real close to one another! I say we need a support group some days, ha!

It has been a beautiful spring like week this week here in beautiful Kentucky!! Earlier this week we reached a couple days of 70s, but end of the week has been a little cooler than I like. However, we still enjoyed lots of outside playtime!

We completed week 29 in school, whoohoo!! We are getting close to the end our first year of homeschooling. We are half way through our Bible study on forgiveness. Our verse this week was 1 Peter 4:8, says so much, good one to ponder on and act on!
We recently added an online PC reading program and Abigail is enjoying it! She is almost done with the kindergarten level and will move onto first grade level of that program. We are just using it as a supplement to what we currently do.
This week we started reading Doctor Doolittle, we are loving this book, lots of laughs and it relates to what Abigail keeps saying she wants to when she grows up...a veterinarian.
We finished our spelling curriculum this week for the year, so now we are going back through it as review.
Today is piano lessons, and cool thing about Abigail learning to play the piano, I also am learning! That is the wonderful thing about homeschool also, we all learn together! We hope the weather will cooperate a bit more, so we can get back out for horse lessons, we miss our horse time! 

Been pondering and reading a lot about grace these last few months.Some days I fail at giving grace, especially if it is before my Jesus and coffee time!! Anyhow how much grace do we really give a person? Grace is a cool thing!! Jesus was full of it, but yet He managed to get people to see the errors of their ways and at some moments, he was a little sarcastic, don’t ya think? However, sarcastic in a good way! It just makes me realize just how much I need Jesus everyday, every moment! Jesus+Nothing=EVERYTHING

Snapshots of our week:
Abigail and Peter, only person our cat loves!
Aidan doing some school time with us!

Aidan taking the gator out!

My hubs, oh how he amazes me, painted a few pictures for our house, chicken for the kitchen, 
and a portrait of our dog. 

Encouraging reads and quotes this week: 

"In truth, it is in theology, in our study of who God is and what He has done, that gives us the real hope, real wisdom, and real peace that we need in our lives — the kind that lasts. It’s theology — knowing God — that anchors us in the chaos of motherhood."

When we embrace God’s design for our homeschool there will be a sense of peace that comes from following His path for our life and not someone else’s.

I love to journal and have learned a lot through it

#forthelove "Balance. It's like a unicorn; we've heard about it, everyone talks about it and makes airbrushed t-shirts celebrating it, it seems super rad, but we haven't seen one. I'm beginning to think it isn't a thing." as Jen goes on...I am in tears of laughter, so how do we balance...."We need to quit trying to be awesome and instead wise."   WISE!

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