Friday, March 13, 2015

It's FRIDAY, check it out!

The snow is gone, yippee!! We had temps in 70s this week!! This ex-northerner does not miss snow that is for sure! Though it was nice for the kids to play in and have some great priceless moments. I am ready for spring, spring flowers, spring cleaning, spring cleansing!! OK so you get the picture this mama loves warm sunny days!! However, I also know to enjoy those winter and rainy days too, because we need them to appreciate the beautiful days more!! Or as one gal I know put it, "God's car wash" when it rains!

This week we finished up week 28 of school. It has been great too look back this week at where we began and where we are now. Amazing to see how Abigail has grown and learned and I am a part of that!! Tuesday was 4H, Abigail learned about volunteering at the animal shelter and also learned about diabetes. We are excited next month is homeschool month at LBL!! Also this week I heard of two more people that started homeschooling last week! So goes to show you don't have to wait to start at the beginning of school year, if something isn't work, making a change is what is recommended. I see homeschooling continue to grow, as the government takes more control of the schools. This is an article from a couple years ago

This week was my loves birthday, love him!! So we celebrated with cake and an afternoon date without the kiddos!! Next we will celebrate mine, and then Aidan's with a bunch of his little dude friends, lord have mercy! So lots of celebrating will be going on in March!! I was notified I was selected to be on the launch team for a book I am so excited about by Jen Hatmaker~For The Love, so you will see more about that over the next few months. I also have a book give-away, be sure to check it out and maybe you will win!

I wrote about Compassion here

My hubby reused some of our coffee containers, which I have been looking for different projects to use them for. We like coffee here so we have lots of these and I can't throw them away as they seem like they make great reuse. So this week he made himself a little bolt and nut storage, he isn't finished yet with it, but here is the start of it...

Snapshots of the week:
Aidan playing on kindle while waiting for Abigail at 4H
Wacky Wednesday

The hubs birthday celebration!

Abigail took a sweet picture of us!
Encouraging reads:

This is my heart’s desire to read through the Bible. Though I read it almost daily, I just have never read the entire Bible, page to page. I have started many times to read through it from beginning to end, though stop half way through. I have the Chronological Life Application Bible, it is helps make it easier to read through from beginning to end, but still I get stuck when I start going through some of those times in the Old Testament, but yet there is a lot we can learn from those times, it just hard sometimes to take it in. So I have restarted again, part of my Lent challenge is to read through the gospels, which I am already half way. It is amazing how many times you read Matthew or John, that you pick up something new, love how God speaks to me through His word. It is new every time I pick it up! So I think I will continue to read from that point till the end and then start back in the beginning in Genesis. How about you have you read through the Bible. Do you find it a challenge? Here is a great post on different ways to read through the Bible

"Just because the church lets you down, don’t give up on God or the church. Remember there are seasons – a time for everything under the sun. Know that God hasn’t left you. He will never forsake you. He loves His church and He longs for believers to meet together for the mutual up-building of the body. You might be in a season where the church has let you down so hard, you don’t know if you’ll ever rise and trust again."

"What we need is transparency, friends.  Real, honest, this is who I am.  Because once we are open and honest about how Motherhood really is, we can begin to build each other up in empathy and love instead of smiling wide while screaming inside.  Because the fake smiles and 'yea, everything is fine' thing doesn't help any of us.  I desperately long to hold my sisters' hands instead of shoving them away."
"As a mom, I am learning what it's like to live for eternity because nothing is mine anymore! We resist it so often, searching to create 'me time' or 'boundaries,' but I am coming to a realization from our Gentle Father that it is the very moments, days, weeks, etc that are so full we feel like we don't even know ourselves anymore, that are leading me into an eternal way of living...preparing me for heaven when none of what I feel I must cling to on this earth will matter. All this giving away of self to the seemingly thankless mundane, it is really His gift - His way of preparing us to RECEIVE all of Him! "

"God gave us brains to use!  Sometimes simplicity in decision making is the best.  Know what God’s word says, and doesn’t say, and choose to do what is right!"

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